Softwear, like many companies, was started out of a desire for something better and through some hardships.

In May of 2017, my mom went to her doctor with a headache and was diagnosed with 6 brain aneurysms.

She was given a 3-5% chance of survival. Mom refused to accept defeat and kept a positive mindset throughout. After 6 months and 3 failed procedures, the cloudsaligned and the 4th attempt was a success.

Mom was going to be okay, but through the process she talked about how everything she was wearing was so harsh on her skin and she just wanted something that was soft enough to wear all the time as she continued her treatments. To do everything I could to help mom with her wants, I started Softwear.

I searched. I scoured—for something timeless. Something comfortable. High quality, yet affordable, but not at the expense of the environment or basic human rights.

I found a family-owned mill that responsibly produced specialty fabrics in California, I knew it was game on. Soon after, I discovered our manufacturing facility—a 10 min drive from our fabric manufacturer and dye house right here in Sunny Los Angeles CA.

Using sustainable materials and low impact dyes, I was able to create something soft, simple, and spectacular in its subtlety. A new fabric that never pills, fades, sheds or shrinks, which truly filled a void in the market.

With our signature fabric perfected, it was time to make sure the cut was flawless.

An unprecedented fabric called for unprecedented design—and dozens of fittings, alterations, and restarts to ensure each piece fit exactly to my specifications.

The result was the softest, most comfortable clothing I’ve ever experienced—cleanly designed, made for living, and sustainably produced from thought to thread, in Los Angeles CA. 

I call it Softwear. You'll know why.


Sabrina Zohar | Founder

Why I Started Softwear?

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