We just couldn’t find the perfect leisurewear. It really was that simple.

We searched. We scoured—for something timeless. Something comfortable. High quality, yet affordable, but not at the expense of the environment or, you know, basic human rights.

A tall order, apparently.

So we decided to make it ourselves.

It wasn't as easy as we thought, and we questioned whether it could be done. But once we found a family-owned mill that responsibly produced specialty fabrics right here in the U.S., we knew it was game on. And that was before we discovered our manufacturing facility—a subway ride from our office and, coincidentally, one of the most advanced sustainably operated facilities in the entire country.

Using sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes, we were able to create something so soft, so simple, and so spectacular in its subtlety, that it was as if we’d discovered an entirely new fabric. (We call it "cloudweave" around the office 🌥)

With our signature fabric perfected, it was time to make sure the cut was flawless.

Again, it wasn't as easy as we thought. An unprecedented fabric called for unprecedented design—and dozens of fittings, alterations, and restarts to ensure each piece fit exactly to our specifications.

The result was the softest, most comfortable clothing we've ever experienced—cleanly designed, made for movement, and sustainably produced from thought to thread, right here in Brooklyn, NY.

We finally found it. (After we made it, of course.)

We call it Softwear. You'll know why.

"The fact that this athleisure wear couldn’t feel more supple against your skin put this brand on the “worth it,” level. "


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"I hate when I have to take this sweatshirt off. Its American-made, and its, hands down, the softest layer in my wardrobe."

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"Hands down the softest, most comfortable sweatpants you'll find."

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"Basically made for staying comfortable while traveling."


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